What's This
All About?

It's about meeting needs. Not about us meeting each other's needs, as we are quite limited in our ability to do that, rather about finding the One who can meet every need in this life, and in the next. The One who knows us like no one in this world knows us. The One who loves us, as no other could possibly love us. The One who not only cares for us personally, but who alone knows how to solve every problem and make us happier than we ever dreamed possible. That is if... and only if... we find Him.


You may have noticed that the information on this site isn't presented in the most direct manner. This is by design, as the most important search a man or woman  ever undertakes is a mysterious and often arduous, indirect journey. We want to encourage earnest and careful searching, both on this site, and in your life. All that said, after working first with the relevant questions on the home page, if you're determined to be more direct, you can view a list of topics here. Just don't go too fast. Take time to ponder what you read. If you desire to have a successful spiritual journey, learn to listen with your spirit. Few ever master this type of listening because there's too much noise within them.


FindHim.org consists only of a man, on a journey, who is thoroughly convinced that following Him is the best way to live and to die, and who is concerned that so many forces are at work to keep people from entering into this mysterious, revolutionary, deeply-satisfying, and eternally-significant relationship. This man wants to help you counter these forces, seen and unseen, and find Him while He still can be found.

Want to

Search engines and web links are just part of the picture of promoting a site.
Word of mouth, personal emails, creating a buzz... these types of viral
promotion can help thousands locate this site and hopefully benefit from its
message. If you are one of His, you already know what to do to help this
effort the most... Pray.