I'm already a good person, OK?    
   Life is a dark cloud. I've lost hope.    
   I tried. I really did. It just didn't work out.  
   It's utter nonsense. Fairy tales.    
   Alone. I am so very alone.  
   Hey, if that's what it is, I don't want it.    
   My existence . . . what's the point?  
   I sense an external spiritual force.    
   I keep doing it. I hate it. I love it. Bizarre.  
   About death . . . what then?    
   I'm fine. I'm happy. I don't need it.
   Fear. Its icy fingers grip me.  
   How much time is left?
   Frustration is eating me up.  
Are you wondering which path is right for you? Or perhaps reviewing a long life that has left you somehow unsettled? Whatever the case, take some time to challenge yourself with a few of the brief articles on the right.
   I just want to find Him. Cut to the chase.  
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