There are things
that I do...

It's just got
to stop.
One of the most frightening traits of human beings is our capacity to know very well that something we're doing is hurting others and/or ourselves, and yet we persist in doing it anyhow. We can state numerous compelling arguments why this behavior is out of line, and repeatedly tell ourselves we should stop it, yet we will still go ahead and do it over and over and over again. It's truly bizarre, isn't it?

This type of behavior can take a multitude of forms. It happens in interpersonal relationships. It happens in private and in public. It can be verbal or non-verbal. It can be subtle or overt, cyclical or constant. Sometimes it only takes place in the dark recesses of our minds. For many it involves addiction to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. But whatever it is, it happens again and again, and no matter what we do, we just can't stop it.

The actual form that it takes is largely immaterial. If you can relate to this, then all that matters to you is getting rescued from the vicious circle you're trapped in. But the problem is... if you're honest, oftentimes you'll have to admit that the behavior you hate is also something you are very attached to, and that this is partially why you can't get free. Bad situation.

You have already discovered that you can't help yourself. You may even have tried therapy of one kind or another, also to no avail. It's serious. You may have had people walk out of your life because of it. At times you've wished you could run away, but the problem is, no matter where you go, the problem follows you.

Step one: Settle it in your mind that you have a problem and you need outside help. Step two: Recognize that there may be nothing anyone can do help you. Step three: Look up.

There is Someone who can help you. He made you, and He knows what makes you tick. He knows where the problem came from, what it has cost you, and how frustrated you are in trying to overcome it. If you will relinquish it into His hands, and make a total surrender of your entire life to Him, you will be utterly amazed at what will happen in your life.

Deliverance? Beyond your dreams. This is not just talk. It works. Fact is... it's the only guaranteed cure. So long as you carefully follow His directions, it will never fail.