I'm a slave to it.
Even a cursory analysis of our society will quickly reveal one disturbing fact: We are obsessed with sex. So it comes as no surprise that millions of people have taken this obsession to a deeper level and have found themselves literally enslaved by overwhelming sexual lust in some form or another.

Those who have never been there can't begin to understand the horror of such a state. That's why we use the imagery of a slave. But don't picture a neat and trim slave in fine clothes waiting on kind and loving masters in a sumptuous mansion. No… turn your eyes to the vilest, darkest, most horrid dungeon you can imagine and try to make out the form of a shriveled and bent figure clad in torn rags, chained to the damp wall. There, a slave to his own self, he rots in isolation from the "normal" world that his lusts have thrust him from. For even if no one else is aware of his true situation, he can never get away from the knowledge that his obsession owns him.

If it is this bad, then why the introductory line of, "I hate it. I love it."? Because these slaves at times feel they are the master in the desirable mansion, imagining themselves to be free and happy, while at other times they know they are truly in the detestable dungeon, hopelessly bound, and miserable beyond words. And this is one reason why such individuals are so despised, should their secret come out, by others. It is assumed that the pleasure outweighs the negative aspects of such a despicable state. But this is not always so, at least not in the end of their journey through this nightmare.

If you can personally relate to the imagery above, then we want to let you know that you can wake up from the nightmare. At the same time, we are going to be very upfront with you. The unfortunate reality is that you have opened doors in your life that you are going to spend the rest of your days trying to keep closed. The particular character of your bondage is such that it has attached itself to a natural and good part of your physical nature, the sexual urge, which will to some degree complicate your life from this time on. But again, deliverance is waiting for you, and so long as you determine to be vigilant, you need never return to your bondage. Ever.

If you try and break free from your chains on your own it is almost certain you will fail. Should you have any doubt about this, take a look at the recidivism rate of sex offenders in comparison to other crimes. So get help. The very best help. You need the counselor with a capital "C" who doesn't have an office here on earth. When you find this Counselor, turn it all over to Him. Everything. Lay it all out. Let Him break the chains and give you power to be live free from the cruel bondage of your obsession. And then get tough with yourself. Realize that you aren't going to be able to walk where many walk. You aren't going to be able to look at things that others can look at. And most importantly, you will not be able to touch things that others have no problem with touching.

Got an Internet connection? Better consider canceling it or getting a permanently filtered one. Got a television? You'll likely be better off without it. Choose movies and reading material that starve your old obsession, rather than feed it. Find someone you can be accountable to. Someone who will regularly ask the questions that need to be asked. The net result of His presence in your life and your determination to do your part will not only be sweet deliverance from the slavery, and every other dark aspect of your life, but you will rediscover self respect. You will find incredible joys in your newfound freedom. Even if your past actions dictate that your days of freedom will be spent in an actual prison cell, rest knowing that you will experience more freedom in that cell than most who are walking free know.

Don't wait. It only gets worse. This might be the last chance for you to escape. Do it now! Find Him. He's your only hope.