I sense
an external
spiritual force.
Think you're special? Sorry, but every person who has ever walked this globe has had the same experience, to a greater or lesser degree.

Actually, you are special. Why? Because unlike most people, it's apparent that you didn't ignore it, or you likely wouldn't be reading this page. No, you followed up on this awareness. You gave it some thought. You may have even risked ridicule by discussing your feelings with others. To this day you haven't given up trying to find out if these impressions were valid.

Is there really, "something out there"? If so, who or what is it? Is it friendly? Is it knowable? Or was what you sensed actually nothing substantial at all?

Let's deal with the last possibility first. You may already have been emphatically told that this is indeed the case... there is nothing out there. If not, there is no lack of people who would gladly do so if you gave them the chance. But what does that prove? Only that these individuals have come to a conclusion that you personally can't possibly verify.

No, you have to figure this out for yourself. This is your life, not theirs. So go back to whatever it was that started you on this quest. You knew that what you sensed was altogether different than anything you had ever felt before. Otherwise it wouldn't have stood out. And since then, you may well have experienced similar otherwise unexplainable feelings.

Unfortunately there is no litmus test you can easily apply to these moments to reveal whether they were valid or not. What you have to do is collate these moments with the rest of your experience. Think about the times when you seriously pondered the human condition and said to yourself, "Something's not right." Think about death, and how your intense internal reaction to the reality of your own eventual demise goes beyond merely just not wanting to die. Consider your awareness that despite the seeming chaotic nature of all that swirls around you and within you, at the same time you are strangely conscious that there is an order to it all. Think about the countless times when something "just happened" in your life, yet the odds against such an occurrence falling together as it did were positively staggering. You know, like that time when someone you were thinking about for the first time in many years called you on the phone at that very moment. What about the times when you felt strongly as if you were watching yourself from behind yourself? And why is it that you just plain can't shake the overall feeling that this can't possibly be all there is to your existence? Why is there a deep longing within you that nothing seems to be able to satisfy?

O.K., we know that you haven't necessarily experienced every one of those things, but if you stopped and really thought about it, you could make your own personal list. What we're trying to bring out here is that throughout your life you have been given countless clues. When you pull them all together, you will find that you have what you need to take the next step. You do this by engaging your heart, mind, and spirit in a concerted effort to take all that you know and use it to help you believe that you are indeed going to make contact with that spiritual force you have sensed, and that you are not going to give up until you do. And once having made contact, determine that you are not going to get scared and run as some have.

Those who have touched the reality that you have sensed can assure you that you have nothing to fear. That is, so long as you make sure you are going toward the light, and not toward the darkness. This is very critical, as there are inferior, but real spiritual forces out there that are not anything you want to mess around with. Thankfully, the difference between the two worlds is so vast that it isn't at all difficult to tell which is which. Ask for discernment, and you will receive it.

The One who has touched you is waiting for you to touch Him. Step out and discover that you are not only special, but that you are one of the chosen few.