My existence . . .
what's the
We know. In some ways it seems almost embarrassing or trite to ask questions like, "Who am I? Why am I here?" Such metaphysical introspections are considered by some to be the domain of the weak-minded, especially by those who are afraid to admit they've also asked them.

No, there is nothing embarrassing or trite about such musings, nor are they indicative of a maladjusted mind. The more serious they are, the better. As Socrates wrote long ago, "The unexamined life is not worth living." For those who feel they must know the answers to these questions, it is difficult to understand those who seem to have given them no thought whatsoever.

To blithely accept what is readily apparent about our existence virtually reduces us to the level of animals. "We're born, we eat, we sleep, we reproduce, and we die. That's all there is." While many attempt to satisfy themselves with this explanation, the searching soul somehow senses within that it falls far short of the truth.

It could be stated that this inner awareness is largely responsible for the plethora of religions that mankind has practiced throughout history. And for all who have gone on a spiritual quest, they soon find that these many paths serve only to greatly confuse the issue.

Let's assume for a moment that the truth about why we are here can be discovered by the searching soul. Does it make sense that it would be difficult to find? Based on the fact that it is not readily apparent and that relatively few seem to find it, yes, this would be a safe assumption. But does it make sense that once found, it should prove to be extremely confusing since in actuality there are countless equally valid, yet often mutually exclusive answers that we are left to choose between? No, it does not. Truth, by virtue of being truth, should be pure, knowable, and not at odds with itself.

So when you hear the line, "All paths lead to God," don't swallow it. It just doesn't make sense that a God, who wants to be known, would create innumerable paths to Himself, knowing that doing so would be the basis for wars, confusion, infighting, frustration, etc., and worst of all, be the reason why many would never find Him. Take a couple dozen religions and compare what each teaches about who or what their deity is, what its character is, where it came from, and what it requires of us. Will you find that these paths (a tiny subset of all that are out there) are largely in agreement with each other? Of course not. Something is amiss. They can't all be right.

As you continue your quest to validate your existence, to learn why you really matter, and to know what the cosmos offers you and requires of you, determine you will not stop until you are sure you have found the one true path. Be aware that because of the reasons discussed above, this path will be exclusive and unique. Be prepared also to learn that this path of truth may demand more of you than you are at first willing to pay. If so, consider what value you would place on being absolutely certain that you are in perfect harmony with this vast universe and the One who created it.

One more thing... Many who embark on the journey to find pure truth are haunted by the fear that what they know they must find does not exist.

Don't worry. It's there. Be among the few that find it.