is eating
me up.
You belong to a very large club. While this club doesn't hold formal meetings, they run into one another regularly. It may be on the freeway where they trade insults at each other. Quite often they rub up against one another on the job. They get into each other's faces in schools. And homes... well, homes are regular meeting places. The problem is, getting together generally only makes their common trait, frustration, worse.

Sorry. We're not trying to make light of what is a very annoying problem for you. We just want to point out that by no means are you alone. Not that it makes it any easier, of course. Actually it may make it a little more difficult in some ways as it points out that it must not be easy to get out of being constantly frustrated.

No, it's not easy. As you know, things tend to pile up over a long period of time until you feel like you're going to explode. And sometimes, perhaps you do. People get hurt. You feel bad afterwards, but... what can you do?

Want help? Then the first step is to realize where the problem is. No, it isn't your neighbor with the loud stereo. No, it isn't your boss who always assigns you the worst tasks. And no, it isn't your teenagers who don't respect your authority. It's you. Oh, the others may well have their issues to deal with also, but when it comes to solving your problem with frustration, you have to focus on yourself.

Have you noticed that the neighbor on the other side of the guy with the blaring stereo doesn't get frustrated about it? She doesn't like the noise any better than you do, but she doesn't let it get to her. Why is this? That's a clue.

Life isn't so much at about what happens to us as it is about how we respond to what happens to us. We can either let things drive us crazy, or we can learn to deal with them. Is this easy to do? No way. And that's why very few ever really learn to do it right.

So how can you learn? Here's another clue: There are no accidents. While life may seem chaotic and meaningless, this is deceiving. Actually, you are being led, but up to now, you may not have been following too well. And so, you find yourself growing more and more frustrated with life until you've perhaps started to wonder if you really are going to lose it completely.

You might. But you don't have to. No, you need to pay attention to this leading. It is meant to channel you toward complete deliverance from the frustration. It is meant to bring you face to face with the only One who can truly bring lasting peace into your life. The kind of peace that will allow you to respond to your neighbor, your boss, and your teenagers in ways that will amaze you. Yes, the triggers that set you off will still be there, but you will marvel at how you refuse to respond to them.

It won't happen overnight, but it will happen. That is, if you first truly find Him. Let Him replace the frustration and every other problematic thing within you with His peace.

Then watch the expression on your teenager's faces. What's happening? You've taken the first step toward helping others get out of your old club. Do it today.