I am so very
The crowd swirls around you. Talking, laughing... enjoying one another. They're close enough to touch, yet they seem so far away. Someone looks in your direction, but doesn't see you. A voice talks to you, but no connection is made. You venture to speak, but then wonder why you try. No one ever really seems to hear your voice.

You are profoundly alone.

Only those who have been where you are can possibly understand what you are going through. People on the outside will tell you, "You're not alone! I'm right here with you." But they don't know. They cannot fathom what you are feeling.

For in one way you feel nothing, and yet... yet you feel such excruciating pain.

Why is the pain so intense? Why does it hurt so deeply? Because you were never meant to live this way. The lack of meaningful relationships with other human beings puts you in a place where you begin to lose track of the reality of your own existence. You may even begin to wonder if you are actually alive. What you are experiencing reveals just how profoundly we human beings need one another.

How did this happen to you? You weren't always alone. What unfortunate series of circumstances led you to this place of pain?

In the final analysis, it doesn't really matter. You're here. Nothing that happened yesterday can be changed. But today... today can be changed. And your choosing a new path right now can lead you to an entirely new way of living.

You don't have to be alone. You can feel alive once again. You can be part of the world around you. You can love and be loved. You can again know that you are important to someone... that you matter.

How? By first coming to the realization that you are not completely alone. No, we are not going to play games with you and tell you that there are lots of people in your life who care for you, as it may not be true. But while we don't know your name or where you are in this world, we can say with assurance that you are not totally alone.

You just can't see the One who is with you as you read these words. But He is more real than anything or anyone you can reach out and touch.

Impossible? Or at least, improbable? Many think so. But many millions of others have proved otherwise. They have entered the realm where the unseen is seen. They have found a Friend like no friend they have ever known in this life. A Friend who is always there, day and night. One who never grows tired of them. One who they can always trust to be the truest of friends. One who they can communicate with at any time and know their voice is heard. One who will speak to their heart, and touch them in a way they've never been touched before. One who can heal the deep hurts. One who alone is able to meet every need today, and every need in all their tomorrows.

And yes, One who can help the very alone to connect to the world around them. To once again know the warmth of companionship with others who they were created to know and enjoy. Yes, this true Friend is all sufficient. Believe it. Reach out right now. You can find Him. He's willing... Are you?