It's utter
Fairy tales.

























Brilliant minds don't
believe in Jesus

The Bible is an
unreliable book filled
with contradictions

What about the
other paths to God?

The concept of
Hell is obnoxious

Why can't you
Christians get along?

I have to have
solid proof

You are certainly not alone in your opinions. Millions of people are strongly in agreement. Hundreds of books written through the ages are filled with compelling arguments in support of your stance. You can easily find dozens of web sites with page after convincing page bolstering your view of the subject.

Christianity is in some ways an easy target, partly because of the unfortunate actions of some who claim to be His followers. It is very understandable how such influences may have started you on the way to where you are now in reference to this way of living. And if you are one of the rare ones who has actually researched the issue in depth, against the strangely gripping facets of this faith, you may have found confusing and contradictory things which caused you to wonder how any sane, thinking person could be so foolish as to follow Christ.

But verifiably sane, and apparently intelligent people do just that. Annoying, isn't it? Why do they waste their lives chasing after such frivolous, yet dangerous imaginations? And to make it worse, why must they noisily insist that those who don't fall prey to their delusions are eternally lost? Can't they see they are mentally lost already? Pitiful!

And yet... and yet here you are reading these words. Why? Could it be because perhaps the most aggravating thing about this path is the remote possibility that it could conceivably be right? That there really is a God... That He really is your Creator... That He truly is paying close attention to your life... That He has expectations of you... That you won't cease to exist when you breathe your last... That decisions you make here are eternally significant.

"Nonsense! Don't play that game with me!"

It's not a game. It's about your choices. You have to decide, and perhaps you already have. Maybe nothing will ever move you, and so you will die firmly convinced that you are right. That's your privilege. No one is going to keep you from following that course.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that if on the other side of the grave you come to regret your course of action, there won't be any second chances. So it's incumbent upon you to make very, very certain you are right. There must be no doubt whatsoever. It's simply not worth the risk. This life is so short, at best, and eternity is... well, that's beyond our comprehension.

Speaking of something being beyond our comprehension, have you ever found yourself sensing another realm? Something outside of the physical world we are so entrenched in? An awareness somehow that there could possibly be something called, "spirit"? That you might have a duality in your nature, and are in fact both flesh and spirit?

What then? If this were the case, is it not entirely possible that in approaching the world of the spiritual through the lenses of the physical world, that you might fail to see the former at all, or at least greatly misunderstand it due to the limitations and/or prejudices of the latter? If someone dwelling largely in the spiritual realm were to tell you of what he was experiencing there, would it not seem fantastical and unreal if you had no point of reference for his world? Who could blame you in such a case for thinking he was greatly deluded?

You see where we're going here. This is another prime reason why Christianity is, as mentioned before, such an easy target for disdain and dismissal. It's foolishness to those who are interpreting it from the physical realm.

Pick up your newspaper and turn to the comics. There you will find a world of people living their lives in a two-dimensional world. They have no knowledge of your existence, as you dwell in another dimension altogether. Imagine for a moment that you have decided to communicate to them. You want to let them know there is a better way of life. At first there is no response. But you persist, and finally Dagwood turns to face you and amazingly, his speech balloon says, "What did you just say?"

Contact at last! You begin to tell him of the wonderful three-dimensional world you live in. Dagwood admits he's tired of the flat existence he's endured for decades. So you tell him to just step out and experience your world. He steps excitedly forward, but only lands in the next panel of his strip, nearly knocking a flustered Blondie over. You try again. You demonstrate. You point. But he can't seem to get it. He's getting frustrated. His wife thinks he's nuts and calls a friend to tell her that her husband is talking to someone who isn't there. Finally, he gives up, having decided you and your world weren't real.

Imagine your frustration. You were so close to liberating him. But he quit trying. He just couldn't make the jump. It was too unreal to him.

Now you have a little picture of how God feels in trying to reach you.

That is, if there is a God.