I followed Him
for a time.

But then...
As we go through life, friends come and go. Some we miss and some we don't. Think now about a past friendship that wasn't easy for you to lose. What happened to the relationship between you and this person? Probably one or more of the following:

      The friendship ended due to geographic separation.

      One or both of you found the other person wasn't who you thought
      he or she was.

      One or both of you weren't willing to commit to continuing the

      Someone came between the two of you.

      Something occurred that hopelessly damaged the relationship.

      One or both of you lost interest.

Now look at this list again and think about the relationship you once had with Jesus Christ. Why did it end? Did He walk away? Is He responsible for any action described above? Did He change His mind about wanting to be your friend for some reason?

No... rather one of two things happened. Either you walked away or, much more likely, you couldn't walk away since you never really knew Him in the first place. Why is the latter more likely? Because far too many people believe they are walking with Him, yet they have never actually experienced the supernatural, life-changing moment when they in fact became a true child of God. Without this experience, one is only relating to a concept of God, not actually relating to Him. And that is nothing but a recipe for frustration.

To be His is to feel the powers of another world. It is to know without a doubt that He is real, and that something positively extraordinary has taken place in your life. It is to pass from death to life and to know that your past, no matter how dark, has been totally forgiven. There are no words to adequately describe what happens in the heart and mind of a person who has truly been set free by the power of the living God. It definitely isn't something that people easily walk away from.

If you sense from reading this that perhaps you didn't really make contact in the first place, that is good news. Why? Because it explains why the relationship was unsatisfactory to you. And also because it is a fearsome thing to have actually known Him, and to have turned Him aside. But that doesn't mean there is no hope. He is seeking all who are not walking with Him.

Whether you once knew Him or not, and whatever your reason was for walking away, ask yourself, "Why am I reading this page? What brought me here?" You didn't come here to buy a DVD. You didn't easily find this site by clicking on a banner ad on Yahoo. Coming here was a definite step toward God on your part, or evidence that He is going out of His way to reach out to you... or both. The door is open to the greatest relationship you can possibly know. Walk through it.