It's so bad...
I'm ready to
end it all.
If you are reading this page because you are seriously considering ending your life, pause for a moment. Picture yourself, as you already may have, standing alone at the top of a cliff rising hundreds of feet above the jagged rocks below. Know that once you step over the edge, nothing will arrest your fall. No matter how deeply you regret having taken that last step, you will never be able to take it back. Suicide is the door to permanent regret and sorrow.

Right now, as you read these words, you're still alive. You haven't jumped. But your life is filled with indescribable pain. You can't imagine how you could face another day of the crushing nightmare that is your existence. You're done trying. You've given up. You feel you've lost all hope. It seems that you've lost everything of value in your life.

No... no, you haven't. You still hold something incredibly precious. Something so valuable that one couldn't possibly place a price on it. Something that the richest people this world has ever known would gladly have given their entire fortunes to always possess. What is it? The gift of life.

You must never, ever, ever let go of this gift. Because so long as you have it clutched in your hand, you are able to hold yet another gift of inestimable worth. Hope.

Before one lets go of the gift of life, they first let go of hope. The human spirit cannot exist long without hope. Countless millions of people have lived through the most unimaginably awful circumstances only by clinging to this gift. If you had truly lost all hope, you wouldn't be reading this page.

So rather than focusing on whether you will let go of life, focus on determining that you will not give up hope. This will help you to step back from the edge of the cliff. For the next few moments, don't think about the dark aspects of your life. Look around you. Take pleasure in some small things that perhaps you haven't paid attention to in a long time. Go for a walk in the sunshine. Eat something you loved as a child, but haven't had in years. Put on an outfit from the back of your closet that has good memories. Listen to a song from long ago that always made you feel good. Watch your favorite comedy movie again.

Silly? Not really. It's just the beginning of getting your focus off the darkness and deciding to look for the light. It's a process of realizing that you are worth more than your troubles. It's you seeing that despite all that has come against you, you are still alive because you have refused to let any of it destroy you completely. Decide right now that you absolutely will never allow anything or anyone become more important than life and hope. Take charge. Choose to open doors that you've never opened, and to close doors that you know need to be closed.

Know that the One who gave you the gift of life is waiting to give you an even greater gift. Eternal life. Cast all aside and pursue Him relentlessly until you find Him. There is not a problem you face that He cannot solve.