Let it be
a revolution
Want to get the most out of your new life as a follower of the Son of God? Then go for it with everything within you. If you do this, however, in the same manner you have other aspects of your life, you're going to be disappointed.

No, this is something new, and it demands an entirely different approach if you're going to fully tap the depths of this unique way of living. The key here is to do like the title says and let it be a revolution in your life. Let it take you places you've never been before, teach you things you never knew, and thoroughly amaze you with its comprehensive meeting of every human need.

For this to happen, you are going to have to do some "unlearning." You've lived for years in a world largely antagonistic to the Truth that transcends time. You've been programmed with thought patterns and value systems that are not conducive to finding spiritual equilibrium. The society around you is focused on the temporal and fixated on the physical. It's time for you now to develop eternal values and elevate the spiritual to the proper place in your life.

This isn't an easy process, and it is harder for some than for others. But God will faithfully lead you step by step through a cleansing process that will help you to shed the negative aspects of your view of the cosmos, and your place within it.

In the secular world, success means addition. More money, more fame, more power, etc. But in the spiritual world, it doesn't work that way. No, even many believers have yet to grasp that it's all about subtraction. It's a peeling away of the layers that have come between us and God. These layers may be ideas, thought patterns, habits, tendencies, fears, doubts, pride, bitterness, hatred, hurt, etc., etc. We can't see them all, but God can, and He is very methodical and patient in helping us break free from all that hinders us.

If, that is, we are willing. Unfortunately, many believers draw back once this process begins. Why? Because they're afraid to let go of themselves. Afraid to really trust God with their lives. Afraid of what they might discover beneath all those layers. Afraid of becoming vulnerable. Afraid of pain. And yes, even afraid of love.

Don't be afraid! Remember, you're not dealing with finite man here. This is the God of the universe! He knows what He's doing, and if you will take your hands off and truly let Him go to work on you, we promise that you will be absolutely thrilled by the result. And so will the people who will be blessed by the new you. Because the more you allow this process to continue in your life, the more that true beauty will be revealed in you. And the more this comes out, the more good you are capable of doing for others through the power of God at work in your life.

The reason some people end up dissatisfied with Christianity is that they try to keep God in a box... and you will learn in time that He just doesn't fit in a box. So long as we think we know what we need and how things should go in our lives, we limit God's ability to take us where we need to go. But when we learn to take our hands off and let Him lead, we quickly see that this is the only way to live a truly fulfilling and useful life.

So when you pray, from time to time do some serious consecrating. What's that? It's when you really lay everything out before Him and let Him know it's all His. Go through the entire list of everything that matters to you in life and offer it up to Him without reservations. Let Him know that He can do with it as He pleases. Tell Him you trust Him completely and you want His choices in your life, not yours, and mean it with everything within you. Then get ready... because the blessing is on the way. Few things that we do seem to put a smile on the face of God like the total consecration of our lives.

Think about surfing for a minute (on the ocean, not the web!). For those of us who've never done it, watching the experts out there on those massive waves seemingly doing the impossible causes us to shake our heads in wonder. It looks like so much fun, so exhilarating and free, but it also looks terrifying, and hopelessly difficult. And so we stand there in the shallows, splashing around a little with our feet, maybe even holding a surfboard, yet never venturing into the deep... a prisoner of our fears. Meanwhile, those who risked, those who stepped out, and those who weren't afraid are out there having the time of their lives.

Go for it, Christian.