How do I talk
to Him?
As a new believer, you need to pray. Every chance you can. Realize that you have a Best Friend like no friend you have ever had, or could ever have. He is with you every moment of every day, and He wants to communicate with you often.

So how do you talk to God? How can you communicate with a being you can't see? First of all, settle it in your mind that when you pray, you aren't just talking to yourself. Believe that this unseen One hears every word, every thought. Know that He cares, and is interested in what you have to say. Then, be honest. Talk to Him like you would talk to a trusted mentor, a mentor who in this case possesses infinite knowledge. One who not only has the answers, but who is the Answer.

If you are afraid, tell Him. If you have needs, tell Him. If you are doubting, tell Him. If you are concerned about other people, tell Him. If you are happy, tell Him. If you are sad, mad, lonely, thankful, or whatever, tell Him. Pour out your heart to God. Hold nothing back. Ask questions. Reach out and touch Him through your words. And then... get quiet and listen.

At first this will be hard. You will likely hear nothing in response (except your own thoughts or perhaps Satan insinuating that you're wasting your time). This is because you have to learn to hear in the Spirit, whereas you are used to hearing mainly with your physical ears. We say, "mainly," as you have used your spiritual ears in the past, but may not have recognized that you did so. For instance, when you felt God's call within you urging you to serve Him, this did not come through your physical ears.

Once you begin to discover how to utilize your spiritual ears, you will find you become more and more adept at using them as time goes on. One tip: When we said, "get quiet and listen," we mean learn to get really quiet inside. Shut down the inner noise that drowns out His voice. Be still, and discover the indescribable thrill of actually communing with the living God.

When something good happens in your life, wherever you are, take a moment to thank Him. When you suddenly find yourself in a difficult situation, call out to Him immediately. When you think of someone in need, pray for that one right then. In this way you will develop the habit of connecting with Him throughout your day.

You can't always do this audibly, but that's no problem for Him, of course. However, when circumstances don't preclude praying out loud, it is a good practice to always do so, as it helps focus your thoughts, and makes it easier to make contact.

It has been said that prayer is the breath of the believer, and this is true. As your physical body must breathe to stay alive, so it is with your spirit. Pray until praying becomes second nature. The rewards of doing so are wonderful beyond words to describe.