I've been
burned by

Case closed.
Childhood experiences have left literally millions of people convinced that they need religion like they need head lice. And forays into the religious world have been equally unpleasant for countless adults.

If you came to this page because you are one of these individuals, we're sincerely sorry for what you went through. For a variety of reasons, getting burned by religion can be an especially painful experience.

Why did it happen to you? Unfortunately, some of the adherents of the most prevalent religion in this country, Christianity, do a marvelous job of demonstrating to others that this particular faith is something to be avoided. They don't do this purposely, of course, and the sad fact is that even though they continue to go through the motions, many aren't even fully convinced themselves it's worth the effort. So it's no wonder that because of them, people like you get pushed out the door.

This isn't how it's supposed to work. You weren't supposed to get burned by Christianity. But then you weren't supposed to get beat up by that bully in fourth grade either. Something good went bad in both cases. And each time, you got hurt.

For most of you, your bad experience was largely due to the actions of other people. If so, be sure to read this page also. For those whose negative encounter with Christianity was more personal, you may wish to check out this page. Whatever the case, in determining where to go from here, you should first ask yourself this question: Did my experience conclusively prove that Christianity is not what it claims to be, that is, the only true path?

While you're pondering that, be aware that you may not have enough information to answer this crucially important question. Why? Because the issue really isn't about Christianity, it's about Christ. He has never burned anyone, and He never will. Those who claim to follow Him, however, cannot make that claim. So if you are leaning toward answering this question in the affirmative, know that in doing so you are actually indicting the representatives of Christianity, not Christ. And while you may well be wholly justified in doing so, take care that you don't confuse the message with the messengers.

Consider also why you are reading this page. It may well be because during your bad experience, you also felt something supernatural that you have never been able to get away from. This is an extremely common occurrence, and is one of the main reasons why going through such an experience can be so painful. On one hand you're glad you escaped, but at the same time you feel somehow that in doing so you lost something extremely valuable. Count on it, that positive impression, however fleeting, was valid, and the negative experience was merely the smokescreen designed to keep you from building upon that impression.

Whether you did indeed sense something real at some point in the past or not, the fact remains that your presence here reveals you are searching. You haven't shut the door entirely. This means that you are very likely a sincere seeker of truth, all the more so because you have had very compelling reasons never to look in this direction again. Keep seeking until you truly find Him. You won't be disappointed, we promise you.