Let's just say
His followers
don't exactly
impress me.
You've decided to buy a new automobile. You've done your research. Your list of desired options is in your pocket as you pull into the dealership. Right away you spot the vehicle in the color you've chosen. Jumping out of your car, you head straight for it, check the sticker, and find it's the one you want.

"Hi there! I'm Frank! Ready to drive her home today?"

Immediately you're aware that the salesman who somehow already has your hand in a death-grip is not someone you expect to enjoy working with. The next ten minutes proves what an excellent judge of character you are.

But you persevere, and three hours later you are driving home in your snazzy new car. Tension fades as you forget Frank and focus on the smooth ride.

Let's consider another "product." Not something material, rather something spiritual. A religion, a persuasion, a way of life called Christianity.

"Whoa! Stop right there," you say, "I have this neighbor... he's always trying to get me to go to his church. The guy drives me crazy. What he doesn't seem to grasp is that I don't see anything whatsoever about his life that I want. Yes, he's all smiles when he talks to me, but I've seen how he treats his wife... if that's what Christianity does for you, I'm not interested."

Sound familiar? Maybe for you it was a coworker, a relative, or someone on TV. It likely was more than one person you've known or been aware of over the years. The bottom line is that because of these individuals, you've decided it's not for you.

We don't blame you. Not one bit.

There are many things in our troubled world that grieve God, but near the top of His list has got to be those who profess to be His followers, yet whose lives reveal that they do not truly know Him. And it concerns Him that in your case, you apparently haven't run into any of the millions of His true followers who would have left an entirely different impression upon you.

Christianity isn't the only thing mankind has managed to make a mess of. No, consider just about any natural desire, any aspect of our existence, and then pick up today's newspaper. There you will see the evidence of how we somehow always manage to take good things and turn them into disasters.

Because there are wars in the world, are you not going to talk to your neighbors? Because spousal abuse occurs, are you not going to get married? Because someone stole your stereo, are you never going to own another one?

No, despite all of the dark realities of our race, we choose to look for the good and hope for the best, and thankfully in doing so, most often we find it.

Let's go back to your new car for a minute. Did you decide not to buy it because of Frank? No, you knew better than to confuse the product with the salesman.

Don't let anyone rob you of the greatest thing in the world.