What about
the other
paths to God?
There are countless religions and supposed paths to God which are available to spiritual seekers in our world today. They run the gamut from well-known world religions with hundreds of millions of adherents, to secretive regional sects with only a handful of followers.

Is Christianity willing to coexist with these other paths? Yes. Does Christianity accept their validity? No.

Not of any of them? No, not even one. Now you can find some people who claim to be Christians and yet in varying degrees accept the validity of other paths. But such a stance is an aberration, and not at all in keeping with the widely-accepted understanding of the Bible's message. Let's look at a very wise statement that bears upon this subject.

"Christianity, if false, is not important. If Christianity is true, however, it is of infinite importance. What it cannot be is moderately important." — C.S. Lewis

Lewis' point was that because of the nature of the claims that Christianity makes, there is no middle ground in estimating its value to mankind. The central message of Christianity is that Jesus Christ alone is the door to eternal life. If this is true, then one cannot overstate the importance of Christianity. All other paths become dangerous diversions that serve only to keep people from the only true path. On the other hand, if it isn't true, then Christianity is worse than a waste of time.

Many people cast aspersions upon Christ's followers because of Christianity's exclusivity, branding us as "intolerant," "bigoted," etc. The true Christian has no choice but to proclaim the only message we believe is valid. Do these individuals expect us to say, "Well, our Holy Book says that the only way to get into Heaven is by becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ, but if you feel that your path will get you there also, that's great. See you there!"? That's absurd.

So... you have to decide. Either Christianity is The Answer, and you should follow its teachings, or it is nothing at all, and you are safe to disregard it entirely.