And then we
sit on clouds
and play harps?
Anyone who believes that this is what the inhabitants of Heaven are going to be doing either doesn't know God very well, or they haven't stopped to really think about it. Put it this way, the Bible never gives us any reason whatsoever to believe this picture is true, and abundant reasons to believe infinitely greater things await those who choose to enter there.

God is a dynamic God, to say the least. One look at the world we live in and the universe stretching out beyond the reach of our most powerful telescopes should convince us that we are dealing with an infinitely creative, transcendent, ineffable being.

It stands to reason that His chosen followers are going to be an integral part of the amazing plan He has for the future outside of time. So why, if this is true, didn't He tell us about it? Because we wouldn't begin to understand what He was talking about. Chances are He couldn't explain it in words at all, as talking itself is almost certainly not going to be the main mode of communication then.

Some people imagine that the inhabitants of Earth will be the only denizens of Heaven. Where do they get this idea? Does the Bible teach this? No. Do they honestly imagine that we are the only sentient creatures in this entire universe? If so, what an unfettered sense of self-importance they possess! Come on, give God some credit. Do you really think He needed all this space just to accommodate us?

No, it is certain that we have many wondrous surprises ahead of us. That is, those of us who have taken the little time we have here on Earth and made the right choices. If you have yet to do so, don't miss out on the most exciting journey that could ever be taken. Be a part of the future planned for you... tomorrow, and beyond.