How much
time is left?
Before what? Before this day becomes history, and another begins? Before the sun rises again? Before Christmas? All these events you can precisely calculate.

So how much time is left until the next time you get the flu? Can you calculate that? Or until the next time you get a speeding ticket? Until you stub your toe? Until the end of the world as we know it?

No, you don't have the information necessary to make those calculations. And although you don't know which ones, some of them may never happen anyhow.

But what about how much time is left before the end of your days here on earth? You can't calculate this either, but unlike some possible events, you at least know for sure that it will happen. There is no doubt.

Now if you were to compile a list of all the things that might happen in your lifetime, how many events would you say are more significant than this? How many will have a greater impact on your future? None, you say?

Given that it is such an incredibly important event, and that you don't know when it's going to happen, what are you doing in preparation for it? If you are like most people, the answer is: Little or nothing. If that's not you, good, but if it is, does that make sense? You know it's going to happen. You know it is going to have a phenomenal impact on your life. It's also going to affect virtually every one you know, and perhaps many you don't know. So, does this seem like something one should for the most part just ignore?

No... and yet like we said, most people do just that. True, they may write a will and buy a burial spot. But let's face it, these are after-the-fact items. Aren't there some things that should be taken care of before the fact? So where are you? Should you be giving the issue of death more thought?

Whether you believe in the end of the world or not, you do believe in the end of your world. And while prophecies may point to the former happening, you don't need a prophet to foretell the latter to know it's going to happen. In fact, have you considered that it's actually the only thing you know for absolutely sure is going to happen in your future? How can we say that? Because it could take place before you finish reading this sentence.

Well, you made it to the next paragraph. You're still breathing. Great! But you know it's still coming. This is precious knowledge. Put it to work. Don't waste it. Decide today to step out of the crowd walking heedlessly toward the edge of the cliff. Get ready. How? You need to find Him. Soon.

How soon? Well, how much time is left?