How can
I know Him?
If you are sincerely ready to make this step, then you are on the verge of a experiencing a miracle. To find Him, and to know Him, is to pass in a moment of time from spiritual death to life.

If you are not sincerely ready, then you are not ready. You have two choices.
Get sincerely ready, or go away. The problem with the latter is that you have no promise you will ever stand at this doorway again. And be assured, there is no doorway that you can walk through in your life that is even remotely as important as this one. So don't go away. Spend some time elsewhere on this site and clear the remaining hurdles out of the way. Get convinced. Then come back.

For those who believe they are ready to take this fateful step, we urge you to pause for a moment and thank God that you are where you are. Few will ever reach this moment of serious consideration, and fewer still will actually step through the door.

Yes, light and life awaits you on the other side. Only once you step across the threshold will you begin to understand just how great the contrast is between what you've found, and what you once knew.

So what is this door? The door is Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. The only path to eternal life is through Him.

Now if walking through this door only gave you the promise of eternal life, it would be worth it, of course. The longest lifespan that we could hope for is nothing in comparison to eternity. Each one of us is going to exist forever, the only question is where we will exist, and in what state, eternal life and light or eternal death and darkness. No, you can't put a price on the promise of eternal life.

But this isn't all that you will gain in taking this step. You will also find a entirely new way of living here on earth. You will find peace knowing you are in harmony with the One who created you. You will experience deliverance from the habits, appetites, attitudes, and tendencies that only brought grief and harm into your life, and into the lives of those around you. You will know that God is with you, leading you, protecting you, and providing for you in miraculous ways. You will increasingly become a channel for His love and power, thus making a positive difference in this world. You will have found true purpose in this life. The fear and uncertainty will vanish. Everything around you will take on a new look. Your perspectives will change as you begin to grasp that the temporal is just that, and that only the eternal matters. You will gradually lose sight of yourself as you discover the beauty of living to be a blessing to others.

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. This is an utterly amazing way of life. No words that we could put together here for you to read could possibly begin to convey just how wonderful it is to walk with Christ. Nothing can compare to it. And all of this is waiting for you on the other side of the door.

So what do you need to do? Just believe? That's important, but it's only part of it. What you need to do is pray. Talk to God. Getting down on your knees is a good idea, but not required. Just get totally honest, and focus on Him as you take each of the following critical steps.

Yes, you must believe that Jesus Christ is real, and that He is the Son of God who died on the Cross for your sins, paying a price He didn't owe.

Genuine Sorrow
You must recognize that your actions, and the darkness within you, has put you in opposition to a God who is holy and pure, and who makes no allowance for sin. Don't start pointing fingers at the various people and circumstances that helped bring you to where you are now. Just take responsibility for it. Be genuinely sorry for every dark thing you've ever done or wanted to do. This is called repentance, and if you think it's old-fashioned or distasteful, sorry, without it, you won't make it through the door. Remember when your mother would force you to say you were sorry to a sibling and you would spit out a less-than-convincing apology? That won't work here. Mean it.

Total Surrender
You're not just signing a contract to buy a car here. This is a serious commitment. A lifetime commitment. Anything short of that isn't going to cut it. Yes, we know that it's a little hard to do when you really don't know what you're getting into, but trust those of us who have walked this way, you won't regret it. The deeper your commitment to Christ, the greater the thrill you will experience in walking with Him. So burn the bridges behind you. As you step through this door, close the door forever on your old life. Let go. Remember, you aren't surrendering to a man, you are surrendering to the God of the universe, the One who loves and cares for you like no other.

Once you have sincerely taken the steps above, then all you need do is receive His forgiveness and believe that the work is done. Let it wash over you. Feel the clear witness of His Spirit within. That's right, the Spirit of God will definitely let you know by connecting not so much with your mind, but with your spirit. How? We can't tell you, both because it's nearly impossible to describe, and also because everyone experiences it in their own way. For some it's a quiet flood of peace, for others it's a tremendous sense of exhilaration and release. Some feel like a crushing load has been lifted. Others will just weep and weep with a sense of profound relief. Some will laugh deeply as a joy they've never before known fills their soul. It can be a combination of any of these and more. Just make sure you don't stop praying until you receive this witness. At the same time, don't place any expectations on what you expect to feel. You will know when the witness
comes. Wait for it.

So... what just happened? Your name has just been inscribed in the Book of Life! You have found salvation. You have been born again. Born of the Spirit. You have ceased to follow the enemy of your soul, and you are now a follower of Jesus Christ. If you die right now, Heaven is the next step. Eternal life is yours. The new life has begun. The chains are broken, and you have been set free.

The next steps you take are nearly as critical as the one you just took. Forces, strong spiritual forces, are going to try to drag you back through that opening, using whatever means they can. They know that it is far easier to get to you now than it will be down the road. You are a baby Christian. You've heard of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which strikes down infants in their first year of life. Beware of spiritual SIDS. Don't let your new life of promise be cut short. Following are several articles to help get you started. And if you have a minute, please email us and let us know you found Him.

The future is bright. It starts out good, and it just gets better, and richer, and deeper, and more astonishingly wonderful as time goes on. Give Him everything, and He will see you all the way through to the end of this life, and beyond!


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