Why does He
hide from us?
This is one of the more fascinating aspects of God. Some believers, however, don't want to admit it's true. He's their very best friend. They know He is actively seeking those who have yet to come into this incredible relationship. Why on earth would He hide from anyone?

But He does.

Why? We don't pretend for a moment to know the mind of God, but we have some thoughts to offer on the subject (as evidenced by the existence of the page you're reading!).

It seems that He is determined that His own will be a very special type of person. While they may have been entirely different sorts of individuals in the past, if they are to find Him, they will have to become the type of person who will not be denied. The kind who will earnestly seek Him. Repeatedly. Consistently. And without getting discouraged when they find it just isn't always easy to find Him.

You can find Christians and Christian churches, web sites, and books without much difficulty. But you can spend hours in meditation, read the entire Bible, pray, and look everywhere for God... and yet He may still prove elusive until you learn His secret.

What's going on? And why do some find Him with considerable less effort than others? Why isn't the process more direct? And what's this secret?

He knows exactly what it's going to take to get you from living without Him to living with Him. He knows the right time, and will draw you to Himself when that time has come. He knows precisely what steps you need to take both before and after this critical point of decision. He knows what needs to break down within you. What needs to be purged. What needs clarification and illumination. What you need to do, and what you need to cease doing. What needs to die, and what needs to live.

He is amazingly thorough and very patient. When He does it, He does it right. Once having finally made contact, you will look back in wonderment at the meticulous process He took you through. And yet you will only discern a portion of all He did for you.

Do you see what we're saying? We are dealing with hidden eternal truths here. We are dealing with a process in which only a select few in this world will become part of a dynamic future outside of time. The lazy need not apply. The indifferent will be left behind. And most fearfully, so will the double-minded... The ones who want to make it, who think they're going to make it, but just aren't quite willing to put forth the diligent effort necessary to find Him, and to stay with Him.

Some make contact more quickly because they are less resistant and/or they have less issues to work through. And there's another critical force at work here. Faith. Let's face it, you can't see Him. Very few actually audibly hear Him. None actually physically touch Him. We're not used to working on this level. You have to believe the unbelievable. Mind games? No way. It's a process of finding out that what isn't seen is actually more "real" than what is. That what you touch in faith will last longer than what you can touch with your fingers.

Some come to faith with less effort than others. Women tend to believe more easily than men because they aren't so hung up with the everything-must-be-black-and-white-and-logical mindset. They tend to be far more intuitive and sensitive. They also respond to the irresistible force of pure love more quickly than most men do. If you are man, take note.

The process of building faith and becoming solidly attached takes place on both sides of the moment of making the initial connection with Him. And that is one of the reasons He will continue to at times seem to disappear. It refines our faith. It deepens our devotion. It purifies our love for Him. Or it destroys us, and we fall away. It just depends on how determined we are to be one of the few who make it in the end.

One last thing... Don't think for a moment that what we're saying here is that you have a long journey ahead of you before you can find Him. He alone knows what you've already come through. You can find Him today if you are ready and willing to take the final steps in response to His call. Know also that you may have been actively seeking Him for a long time without having any idea He was the one you were looking for. Some only discover this the day they make contact with Him.

Wherever you are, decide that you are going to go for it with everything within you. And stay with it no matter what. Find what it is to truly understand His secret: He sometimes hides from us, but He never leaves us.