Its icy fingers
grip me.
The face of fear is not always obvious to the beholder. No one knows that the top-performing coworker in the corner office is terrified every time his boss talks to him, certain that he is about to be fired. The wife who greets her husband on his return from a business trip never lets on that she spent every night with all the lights in the house on, and the couch blocking the front door. And you won't be able to discern it in the face of the father who regularly gets up in the middle of the night, fearful that his children have been kidnapped.

They hide it because they are ashamed. No one would understand, because they are adults, outwardly rational and in control, inwardly irrational and terrified.

No, fear isn't only the domain of children with monsters beneath their beds, of soldiers on the battlefield, or of others whose situations present valid reasons for the fear they feel. No, fear is also the portion of some who have no real justification for fearing as they do. And this fear by its nature tends to be more difficult to bear, more persistent in its occurrence, and extremely hard to break free from.

This type of fear also has an even darker side to it, as it can grow until it becomes full-fledged paranoia, and from there it can eventually tip the delicate balance between sanity and insanity.

If you are one of these suffering individuals, you may have never shared your fears with anyone. And if you ever have, you may have regretted it because of the reaction you received. Others of you may have sought professional help, yet the fears still haunt your lives every day.

You have told yourself again and again not to fear. Others may have done the same. But there is only One whose, "Fear not" carries with it the authority to truly banish your fears forever. Forever! Imagine that for a few moments. Think of the situations that trigger your dark episodes. Ponder how wondrous it would be to face these same circumstances with a heart and mind filled with peace and confidence.

Impossible? To the contrary, it's not only possible, it's waiting for you right now. You need only find Him, surrender your all to Him, and watch in amazement as He does His mysterious work within you, delivering you once and for all from the torment of fear.