I'm fine.
I'm happy.
I don't need it.
We appreciate your open-mindedness. It's refreshing to find people who feel as you do about their lives, yet are still willing to consider that there may be more to life than they previously realized. The fact that you are actively checking out the possibility reveals that you a very rare individual indeed.

So... you're quite satisfied with your life. You feel you are truly happy. That puts you in a special class as many people cannot make these statements.

Let's first look at happiness. As you know, this is a relative term. You can be happy that there is still one cookie left in the cookie jar. You can also be happy that the great uncle you've never met just left you a large fortune in his will. Both events make you feel happy, but one makes you happier than the other.

We want you to be even happier than you are now. Yes, we are quite certain that you can experience heights of happiness that you never dreamed were possible. How can we be so sure? Because we personally know what it is to look back on our lives and see that there is no comparison between the happiness we once knew and the happiness we now experience.

It's assumed that people in desperate circumstances will be happier once they are delivered from those circumstances. But there tends to be a feeling that a well-situated person with no obvious problems who smiles on a regular basis has basically arrived. No, these people might not be famous actors, or powerful senators, or wealthy professional basketball players, but to their peers, they are examples of truly happy people who can't realistically be expected to get much happier.

But if you were to peel back the veneer on these people's lives, you would discover that they still have unmet needs, known and unknown. Needs that once satisfied will no longer hinder them from experiencing the profound happiness they were created to know.

Let's focus on these unmet needs now. If the title of this page reflects your feelings, you believe you don't need to find Him and follow Him to retain your current level of satisfaction with life. If all you want to do is maintain the status quo, then you may be right. That assumes, of course, that nothing you face in the future upsets the delicate equilibrium that you've managed to achieve.

But if you want to go somewhere you've never been before with respect to satisfaction with life, and if you want to possess something that will keep that satisfaction intact through whatever tomorrow dishes out to you, then you are going to have to get those unmet needs met.

Fame, power, and wealth cannot fill the needs we are talking about. Nothing in this world can. But when you look to another world, to the spiritual realm, and find the One who alone can truly satisfy, then these deep needs can be fully met. And once they are, you will be free to experience joy that will so transcend what you've known that you will feel you are truly happy for the first time in your life. Not only that, but unlike the happiness you now enjoy, you will be able to carry this joy with you from this life into the next.

Don't believe it? That's your choice, of course. Just remember, you only got to the enviable place you are now by making choices many fail to make. And we arrived where we are now by making choices even fewer people ever make. Don't sell yourself short.