About death . . .
what then?
If you are absolutely convinced that it is totally impossible for anyone to answer this question, you may struggle a little with this page. While virtually everything else you read on the site is based on personal experience, this is not. Dead people don't write web articles.

All that said, we urge you to read on. Why? Because to be absolutely convinced that one cannot know the truth about death, one would need to have absolute knowledge of all that can or cannot be known. Since no human has ever come anywhere near such a pinnacle of understanding, it's a good idea to listen to any remotely credible source when you're dealing with a subject this critical.

And death is definitely a critical subject.

It's also an issue that, despite its importance, most people just don't like to think about. They don't like to go to funerals. They don't like to be around those who are about to cross over. Bottom line is: They don't want to die.

This common attitude toward death is unfortunate as it causes many people to either go into a state of denial or to live with a sense of impending doom. While we were created to have a strong will to live so we wouldn't just give up when life-threatening situations arose, at the same time we weren't intended to be terrified of death.

Death is an enemy only to the unprepared. And to lack knowledge about death is to be unprepared, therefore your step in reading this article indicates a desire to be prepared, and to have death no longer be a subject of dread for you.

You have almost certainly sensed that the life force within you is intensely strong. This life force is referred to as our soul or spirit. Pick up a dictionary and peruse the definitions for these words. What you will find is evidence of mankind's general understanding that our bodies are merely the temporary container for this immaterial something that is truly us. Our thoughts, our emotions, our character, and indeed, our animating life force is contained in this part of us we call soul or spirit.

If it seems inconceivable to you that this part of you could ever just cease to exist, you are right. You are a being that was created to exist perpetually, albeit not always in the same form. No, the most important part of you, the real you, will never disappear. This is the prime area where we differ from animals.

But the odds are against your grasping and acting on the truth that you have an eternal soul. Why is this? Because there are formidable physical and spiritual forces at work that are determined to make you believe that death is the end. That you're no different than a rat or a pig. And most importantly, that you do not need to worry about preparing for that moment of transition called death.

Yes, these forces do not want you to know that death is actually a door, not a
final conclusion. They want to conceal from you the truth that on the other side of that door you are either going to be extremely thankful that you prepared for this transition, or horrified that you failed to do so. You have to decide if you are going to let these dark forces prevail. Will you let them deceive you, or will you determine to know the truth, at any cost?

In conclusion, step back and take in the big picture of what you and your fellow human beings know about the seemingly unknowable subject of death. Consider not only your own perceptions and inner sense, but try and get a feel for the overall understanding of the issue in both religious and secular thought, now, and throughout history. In doing so, you will find that along with those who want to believe that we are just animals, a very significant number of your fellow travelers sense that death is not the end.

Some will be ready. Some will not. Decide that you will be among the few who will walk through that door with confident smiles on their faces.